09–14 October 2016
Florianópolis • Santa Catarina • Brazil


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Plans for mid-week excursions and accompanying persons' activities: Florianópolis is known for its beauty and for its more than 40 beaches around the island.

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More than sun and beach, you will be delighted by the history of Florianopolis. The tour includes walk in the historic city center, highlighting the regional and cultural aspects with memorable moments. It is a culture of experimentation of Santa Catarina Island authentically in a short and deep script. With an old picture album of the places to be visited we understand the way of life and the urban changes that have occurred. In this Walking Tour you can understand the reasons and details of historical buildings and it is possible to make a reflection on which direction we are going to conserve and understand the historical and environmental heritage. It is part of the route: Cathedral, Public Market, Customs House, XV November Square and its surroundings.

Includes: Tour Guide and photographs
Duration: Approximately 2 hours
Price per person - R$ 25,00 adults
Meeting point: In front of the Public Market (Mercado Público)


The first stop is at the Lagoa da Conceição’s Belvedere, with a dazzling view. Lagoa da Conceição is a big touristic center and it’s biggest attraction is the shrimp dish based culinary. Follow through Rendeira’s Avenue, from its start point at the Lagoa’s central area, until Joaquina’s beach. Following up the hill as you leave Joaquina’s beach find Mole Beach, that is, as well as Joaquina, one of the favorite surfing spots in the Island. Following up the road find Barra da Lagoa’s Beach with it’s open yet calm waters, due to the blockage caused by the channel stream towards the waves. Moçambique’s beach, 8,5 km long, it’s part of the Rio Vermelho Forest Park, which reserves have resisted human occupation, for this reason, it is little visited by tourists. From the park, follows in return to the stunning Lagoa da Conceição, for a delicious coffee break and enjoy at one of the typical bars from this place.

Includes: Deluxe Coach and Tour Guide. * Coffee break is not included!
Duration: Approximately 4 hours
Price per person - R$ 95,00
Coffee break cost – R$ 30,00 per person - approximately
Leave from: Events Center (CentroSul)
Return to: Intercity Hotel


This tour includes a visit to Retiro Mirante de Fatima, the Otter Project and the visit to the Ostra Xperience. The tour begins with a visit to Otters Project where visitors will know the lifestyle of this rodent inhabitant of the Island of Santa Catarina. In the Otter Project, visitors will be welcomed by local professionals, will have an educational talk about the project and then know the enclosures where they live orphaned otters. It's an authentic experience where visitors can also meet local crafts and a small candy store. Then in Oyster Farm, they can know the process of growing the same, their predators and also a number of archaeological artifacts found in the region. At the oyster farm, in a cozy atmosphere and facing the Morro do Cambirela, the visitors can taste raw oysters and boiled oyster, harmonized with sparkling wine from the State of Santa Catarina.

Includes: coach and tour guide, entrance fees (Otter Project and Oyster Xperience), tasting of 3 oysters breath and 3 fresh, tasting a glass of sparkling wine, a custom crystal bowl.
Duration: Approximately 8 hours
Price per person: R$ 135,00
Leave from: Events Center (CentroSul)
Return to: Intercity Hotel
Additional Information: Minimum drinking age is 18 years old


The Florianópolis region has one of the most important sets of fortifications of Brazil. There, you will visit the Fortress of Santo Antonio, located in Large Ratones Island and then continue navigating to French Island, for the practice of snorkeling. At the end, before returning to the beach, will provide with sparkling wine accompanied by natural snack and fresh fruit.

Includes: coach and tour guide, natural snack and fresh fruit, tasting a glass of sparkling wine, a custom crystal bowl.
Duration: Approximately 5 hours
Price per person: R$ 175,00
Leave from: Events Center (CentroSul)
Return to: Intercity Hotel
Additional information: Minimum drinking age is 18 years old. We suggest to use swimsuit, sunscreen and sunglasses.


Florianópolis is a city with several trekking options. For this event, we chose the Trail of Costa da Lagoa. This is one of the traditional paths of the island and retains several features of the colonial period, such as paving stones, old mill flour and houses in Azorean style (Casa Dona Loquinha - XVIII century). The road is long and runs along much of the left edge of Lagoa da Conceição. The trail crosses small streams and creeks, and near the end of the path, there is a beautiful waterfall. At Costa da Lagoa community the walker can find many restaurants and even have the option of returning to the Canto dos Araçás by boat.

The realization of the chosen track depends on climatic conditions. We can change to another track if necessary.
Includes: coach and tour guide, fresh fruit, cereal bar and isotonic.
Duration: Approximately 5 hours
Price per person: R$ 80,00
Boat return (optional) R $ 7.50 per person (not included value). Will depend on weather conditions;
Leave from: Events Center (CentroSul)
Return to: Intercity Hotel
Additional information: We suggest to use comfortable clothes, sneakers, sunscreen and repellent. Bring your bottle of water and some fruit.


The city of Blumenau promotes in October, the largest German festival in South America, the Oktoberfest. This party makes the city the main tourist destination of Santa Catarina during that month. There are 19 days of celebration, in which the city shows throughout Brazil to its cultural richness, revealed the love of music, dance and typical dishes that preserve the customs of the ancestors from Germany to form colonies in southern Brazil. The tour includes lunch in Indaiá Restaurant in Itapema Beach, and monitoring of typical parade.

Includes: coach and tour guide, lunch in Indaiá Restaurant (Itapema Beach) and entrance tickets for German Village Park.
Forecast departure time: 12:30 pm (average travel time to Blumenau - 2:30 hrs)
Return time forecast: 21:00 pm
Price per person, with lunch: R$ 230,00 * (Drinks are not included);
Leave from: Events Center (CentroSul)
Return to: Intercity Hotel
Additional Information: The minimum age for alcohol consumption is 18