09–14 October 2016
Florianópolis • Santa Catarina • Brazil


Most of the time, they are useful, indispensable to maintain life as we know it, but sometimes they are harmful. From drinking water, to seafood or environment quality, we can find science applied to know, understand, monitor, predict, and mitigate the harm caused by algae.

The organizing committee invites the submission of abstracts on the following topics:

Abstract submission deadline: 30 Jun 16
Latest notification to authors of acceptance: 15 Jul 16
End of regular registration: 31 Aug 16
End of late registration: 08 Oct 16
Conference: 09–14 Oct 16

Submitters will be required to indicate on the submission form which type of presentation they wish to make and the topic it relates to. The conference aims only for unpublished contributions. The presenter of each communication (oral or poster) must be a registered participant. Submissions are invited for the following presentation types.

Each paper will be allocated 15 minutes presentation time with 5 minutes for questions. No more than one oral presentation can be given by one individual.

Oral Ignite Talk allows you to give a preview of your poster in a 5 minute oral presentation. All Ignite Talk presenters will also showcase their abstracts in Poster Session 1 (POS01).
For more information regarding poster format, see the section about Posters.

Posters must adhere to the described format (poster guidelines) and should not exceed dimensions of 1189mm tall X 841mm wide (A0 Portrait). Posters will be displayed in areas immediately adjacent to the rooms where the oral sessions will be held and will be available for viewing at all times for the duration of the conference. Authors will be required to be available at designated times during intermissions to discuss their poster with other delegates. Posters that only repeat an oral presentation will not be accepted.

There is a system template for abstract submission. The submission is divided into two steps: abstract and authors data. Please, note that you will need the names and emails of all authors.

- For the first step you will be asked to insert:

  • Title (use italic and capital letters where appropriate - do not capitalize all words. Example: Regulation of gene expression by light and nitrogen source in Chattonella subsalsa and Heterosigma akashiwo)
  • Keywords
  • Abstract body (single paragraph, don’t use figures and tables, maximum 250 words)

- For the second step, please follow the filling instructions for authors and affiliations fields.

Submitted abstracts will be reviewed by the conference organizing committee who will do their best to accommodate the wishes of the submitters for oral or poster presentations. However, it is expected that due to the large number of submissions that some requests for oral presentations will have to be assigned as posters. If your submission is not accepted for an oral presentation it is not a reflection of the quality of your submission but rather due to time constraints and the need to ensure all aspects of the conference topics are adequately covered. The organizers reserve the right to reject submitted abstracts that are poorly written, do not follow the submission guidelines and/or are outside the scope of the conference. Only abstracts from presenters who have sent in the registration forms and who have paid the appropriate registration fee will be included in the program and the book of abstracts.

The receipt of your submission will be acknowledged immediately by e-mail and authors will receive notification of acceptance of their abstract on continuous flux (not later than 15 days) or by 15 July 2016 at the latest. The type signed for the presentation will be announced latter. Once abstracts have been accepted, its title and authors will be uploaded to the conference web site.

Accepted presenters are expected to register and pay the registration fee for either the full conference, or for the day of their presentation, by the regular date of 31 August 2016.