09–14 October 2016
Florianópolis • Santa Catarina • Brazil


The First International Conference on Toxic Dinoflagellate Blooms occurred in Boston, USA, in November 1974. The conference mobilized the scientific community after several outbreaks in USA, Europe and Japan showing that harmful algae events and their toxins were a global problem, with strong socio-economic impacts on public health, fisheries, aquaculture and tourism worldwide. Since then, the International Conference on Harmful Algae (ICHA) is carried out every two years to address the new problems faced by the HAB community, and the advances in research and management needed to tackle them. The ICHA is sponsored by International Society for the Study of Harmful Algae (ISSHA) which was founded in 1997, in response to a request from the Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission (IOC) of UNESCO for an international program on harmful algae. Since then, ISSHA has promoted several activities to foster research, scientific development and capacity building on the subject.

For the first time, South America will host the largest scientific event on harmful algae. The 17th ICHA idea was born as regional initiative, and represents aspirations not only from the Brazilians but also from the South American scientific community. The proposal was supported by the IOC-FANSA Group which forms the regional committee and includes scientists from Uruguay, Argentina, Chile, Peru and Ecuador. This is very convenient, once we share with our neighbors several economic, social, ecological aspects and, of course, problems related to harmful algae. Species of Alexandrium, Gymnodinium, Dinophysis or Microcystis do not know political borders and freely ride through marine and freshwater ecosystems within the continent.

We are planning a major conference not only from the scientific point of view, but also an event marked by the proximity to the end beneficiaries of HABs research. Florianópolis area is the main producer of cultured oysters and mussels in the country. It is also a secure and beautiful city, where tourists and business visitors can relax and enjoy themselves. Delegates will be in touch with fellows, not only from Brazil, but from all the Latin America region, enhancing the flow of knowledge and opening new possibilities to set collaborations among the HAB community from this part of the world.

For the ICHA 2016, we elected the central theme "Harmful Algae, from cells to fisheries: species, toxins, ecology, management and new technologies". We are looking forward to welcoming you all to the beautiful Florianópolis and join us in a great meeting!

Organizing Committee

Clarisse Odebrecht - FURG
Felipe Cintra - IFSC
Luis Proença - IFSC (Chair)
Luiz Mafra - UFPR
Mathias Schramm - IFSC
Nadia Garlet – IFSC
Thiago Alves - IFSC

Regional FANSA Scientific Committee

Afonso Bainy - Brazil
José Carreto - Argentina
Daniel Varela - Chile
Denise Tenenbaum - Brazil
Ernani Pinto - Brazil
Gladys Torres - Ecuator
João Yunes - Brazil
Leonardo Gusmán - Chile
Luciano Fernandes - Brazil
Mariângela Menezes - Brazil
Martha Ferrario - Argentina
Nora Montoya - Argentina
Paulo Salomon - Brazil
Rut Akselman - Argentina
Sandra Azevedo - Brazil
Silvia Mendez - Uruguay
Silvia Nascimento - Brazil
Sonia Sanches - Peru

International Advisory Comitee

Alan Cembella - Germany
Beatriz Reguera - Spain
Bengt Karlson - Sweden
Donald Anderson - USA
Edna Graneli - Sweden
Esther Garcés - Spain
Esther Meave - Mexico
Gires Usup - Malasia
Gustaaf Hallegraeff - Australia
Hans Pearl - USA
Henrik Enevoldsen - Denmark
Ian Jenkinson - China
Lincoln MacKenzie - New Zeland
Patricia Tester - USA
Philipp Hess - France
Robin Raine - Ireland
Sandra Shumway - USA
Sergio Licea - Mexico
Suzanne Roy - Canada
Toshiyuki Suzuki - Japan
Vera Trainer - USA