09–14 October 2016
Florianópolis • Santa Catarina • Brazil

Free ISSHA Membership for Participants in the 17th ICHA Conference (Oct 07 , 2016 )

Polls are now open at the ISSHA website (www.issha.org) to vote for the 19th ICHA venue and for Council Members Election. To vote, you need to be registered as an ISSHA active member.

If you are not yet an ISSHA member but have paid your registration for the conference, the non-member registration grants you with a 2 years complimentary ISSHA membership.

• Please, go to the ISSHA website and click on the “Membership” tab.
• Fill in your personal data and add your user name (your email) and a password. Then press the "register" tab in the bottom.
• When you receive a message requesting you to pay (24h later), just re-send it to Anke.Kremp@ymparisto.fi or to beatriz.reguera@vi.ieo.es

You will be then transferred to the list of "active members" and will be able to vote and to get in the “Society” area. Your name should appear in the list of “Members